Nashville Day 3 & 4 -- The final countdown!

Hi friends!

Let's talk about my most favorite day in Nashville: STUDIO DAY!!!!! First off, let's just talk about my producer, Bobby Campbell. He was referred to as 'Nashville's best kept secret' and it is very clear why. The night before, we did pre-production at his safari themed home studio (that was a first..soo many giraffes!) and even just watching him make skeletons for the tracks, I was already blown away. He played most of them on the piano and I'm a sucker for a nice, full piano sound. It brings such a different light to my songs, it's quite wonderful. 

In my element. 

What's really neat about Nashville studios is that 1. they are everywhere and 2. they are all disguised as normal looking houses. You'd never know unless you lived there where are the studios are. And these aren't just home studios, they are full fledge working studios. The studio we worked in is called Electric Thunder Studios, which is owned by a very friendly engineer named Jeff. He was awesome. Our day started at 11am and went until about 11pm. When it comes to being in the studio, those 12 hours felt like nothing. Bobby hired two local session musicians who were waayyy too talented to be real. Jeremy played drums and Sam, who I learned was only 23, played electric and acoustic guitar and bass. One of my favorite parts of creating music is seeing how people who are way more talented than I am interpret the music for themselves. I don't think I have ever been disappointed in someone else's take on my music and this was absolutely no exception. These guys slaaayyyyed and the fact that Sam was only 23 really blew everyone away. 

Bobby Campbell, (middle)

Mom the Mom, Ran the manager, Donna the Aunt

Another perk was having some of my favorite people in the studio with me. I knew my mom was going to DIE once I told her she could come to the studio. Needless to say, they were over the moooonnnnn :)

So percussion, electric, acoustic guitar and bass were all recorded from 11am to 5pm, where Bobby and I took a break to go crash a '#1 Party'. A songwriter named Jarren, that Bobby works with, co-wrote a song that went to #1. The party was in Franklin, which is the fancy part of Nashville. I met some songwriters who are writing for big names so that was cool to just listen and soak it all in. We stayed for some pulled pork and beans and went on back to the studio.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to getting the lead vocals down. Basically I sing through each song about 5 times and then we stitch together the best takes into one kick ass track. When the track is all amped up with all the instrumental tracks from earlier that day, it's such a joy to sing to. Vocals usually don't take too long are when I have the most fun. I was very happy with what we got and called it night just before 11pm.

Day 4 of Nashville consisted of recording harmonies at Bobby's home studio in the morning, which didn't take long at all. I usually have harmonies all ready to go in my head and it comes very natural so this was a fun breeze. After those were done, I met up with Ben from Fiverr along with Grant and Carl, the video crew, who have been documenting this entire trip. Fiverr will be releasing that video in either November and December so I'll be sure to share it with you. They documented the co-writes and the studio day so you'll get an even better feel of the behind the scenes for those days. Anyway, what we had to film on my last day was B roll around Nashville. 

Carl (grey hoodie), Grant (yellow pants), Me (awkward girl playing ukulele) at Printers Alley

We met at Titans Stadium, got some nice skyline shots from across the river then headed downtown. Went into some Honky Tonk bars, cowboy boot stores and even tried to play a song right in the middle of Printer's Alley, but the bar decided to turn up their music as soon as I started playing! How rude, right? They were even people gathered around and they were yelling at the bar the turn it down. The bar gave no fucks, though. At least we got the shot, I guess! 

Once B roll was done, I met up with my family where my mom bought me some pretty badass cowboy boots. She knows I'm not flashy so she got my an embroidered black pair, which I actually love! She did good! Her's were fire engine red with heart cut outs. Typical. My mom and aunt had an earlier flight so they took off and few hours after (a few vodkas after..) Ran and I went to the airport where we learned our flight was 2 hours delayed.... awesome. We got back into LA at 1am, Monday and I think I slept for the next 3 days. I still may be sleeping, it's debatable. 

This trip was a much needed boost I've been needing and it exceeded my every expectation. The caliber of talent and industry professionals I had the opportunity to work with and introduce myself to was incredible. I always knew Fiverr had a special place in my creative heart because it's given me so much as an artist and songwriter, but to give me this opportunity on top of all that? Come on now! Just insane. 

I hope you guys enjoyed these little blogs about my trip and look out for the video that Fiverr will released later this year! Thank you for your love and your ongoing support of my music. Good things to come!





The first song I ever wrote

I recently discovered the first song I ever wrote called "Our Melody". This had to be around 2008 in New York City while I was living in a tiny, shoebox apartment on 56th st. between 8th and 9th avenue. My friend had left his banjo at my apartment and I decided to pick it up and give it a shot. I did not know how to play it, so I played it like I would a guitar (didn't know how to really play a guitar either) and made a makeshift pick out of a piece cardboard. I googled a few basic chords and let the words fall out. I had been writing for a while, little poems or half assed journal entries, but this was the first time I put something to music. This song was my gateway drug into learning how to communicate and to understand my feelings properly. I've come a long way since then, but listening to this song, I can still remember that girl, that time of my life. It's incredible - it's like when you smell a perfume or scent that flashes you right back to a distant memory, like it we're yesterday. That's what this song did to me. I am so thankful for this song and where it's brought me today. It's no Dylan, but it means the world to me. I hope you can enjoy it, too, for all it's worth.