real talk

Holding myself accountable.



Alright. Here I go.

Holding myself accountable. 

Claiming who I am and what I want. And not claiming the .org or .net version of myself. I'm claiming the damn .com... no matter what the price. Why do you care and why I am I writing this? Because I am not disciplined enough to just do it on my own. I am far 'too busy' to be holding myself accountable ALL the time.. or any of the time. I feel like it's not even so much holding myself accountable, but it's really owning who I am and everything that means; what makes me happy, what makes me afraid, what challenges me, my strengths, what excites me, what motivates me... all of these things I would actually have to think about and I'm not completely confident that I'd have a definitive answer. And if I can't answer these questions about myself, who can? 

I don't want to make this too drawn out because I'm learning how to do this as I go. Not that I want to edit or limit myself, I just don't want to confuse and overwhelm myself. That's really easy for me to do, unfortunately. 

This is where I begin..

where I begin to understand myself

accept myself

and own myself.

I've wasted so much time being so unhappy all the while knowing better. That makes it worse.. when you know better. When you know you don't want to be this way. 

Hold me accountable and I'll promise to do my best.