The making of Lola Rhodes

Hi friends and constant reminders why I create music! I have something to new to share with you.

I'm changing my artist name to Lola Rhodes. What does this mean for Lonna Marie?

Lonna Marie is Lola Rhodes and Lola Rhodes is Lonna Marie. I decided to take a risk, a leap of faith, a road less travelled on my artistic journey. I find there is always some point during a given year that I want a change. Not just any change, but a drastic and thrilling one. It mostly happens around my birthday and truth be told I have one coming up this November. Funny how that works! This isn't just a change for me, though. This is a change for me as a creative person. I rarely think of myself as a creative individual. When you live in your little vacuum for so long, you tend to miss out on the progress and creativity you possess in your soul. You're constantly going at a level 10 and never slow down to sit back and enjoy your creations and your passions. I want to start feeling and believing in my creative worthiness, which is why I'm deciding to give it it's own identity. It's own vibe, feeling and imagery. A creative outlet my given name just wouldn't let me tap into. It's a state of mind, for me, that I want to commit to and indulge in and feel like it's my own. My real name locks me into a glass box and I can see everything I want to be and everything I want to do and my head is stopping me from reaching those things. This stigma I've created and given to myself wont let me go. So I've decided to take things into my own hands and take the pressure off of 'me' and let my artistry and creative soul flourish else where. Some where close to home, yet just far enough to feel like it's new and it's all mine. 

The new music I have coming for you makes me incredibly proud of how far I have come. Of course, I plan on constantly growing and evolving while on this journey of creation, but I have too many songs I've been hiding from your ears, waiting for the right moment to strike. Unfortunately and fortunately, there's no such thing as a right moment, but I was missing something and I think I found what I was looking for. This music is mature, edgy, emotional, honest, hopeful, vulnerable and is ready to be heard. 

I'm Lola Rhodes and I can't wait to show you who I am. 

This is gonna be fun..