I'm a Foster Mommy!!!

This week I decided to change things up a bit and become a foster mommy to a rescued animal.  

Everyone, meet Brim! (loath that name, but I don't get to change it)


The smaller dog is my 10 year old Morkie, Killer. He's not thrilled in the least to be sharing his home, but this adjustment is good for him, too, so he doesn't stay a grump! Brim is a black German Shepard, apparently a very rare color for the breed. His beautiful, hazel puppy eyes will make you fall in love at first sight, which, I did. Man oh man, I had no idea what I was in for!

When Killer was a puppy, he was the best. Just a bag of bones like me, during high school. He was quick to pick up potty training and really everything else. I consider him more human, than Morkie, let's just say that. I grew up with big dogs and I've been missing what big dogs bring to the table. Their size and playfulness, you can really get rough with them! Small dogs you'll squash if you get too rowdy. Brim has definitely been a welcoming change of routine and yet a mighty challenge in patience and discipline. Honestly, I think this is the best situation to find myself in. I could use a make up class in both patience and discipline and what better way to practice then with a puppy full of life. Sounds better than the actuality, but it's really the most amazing feeling when you start seeing progress. It makes everything worth it and it feels good to be helping someone/something meet it's highest potential - or at least get closer to it. I can learn a thing or two about that, myself (ha!). With a little bit of TLC, patience and discipline, we can go a long way. Like Brim, I have quite a bit of work ahead of me but if Brim can do it, why can't I? Progress is so powerful and if you not acknowledging it is a crime against yourself. You are your worst enemy, but you don't have to be. Man, I thought this post was going to be about a foster mom and her new foster puppy, not some deep metaphor. How profound! Okay, now more puppy pictures!!!

The first song I ever wrote

I recently discovered the first song I ever wrote called "Our Melody". This had to be around 2008 in New York City while I was living in a tiny, shoebox apartment on 56th st. between 8th and 9th avenue. My friend had left his banjo at my apartment and I decided to pick it up and give it a shot. I did not know how to play it, so I played it like I would a guitar (didn't know how to really play a guitar either) and made a makeshift pick out of a piece cardboard. I googled a few basic chords and let the words fall out. I had been writing for a while, little poems or half assed journal entries, but this was the first time I put something to music. This song was my gateway drug into learning how to communicate and to understand my feelings properly. I've come a long way since then, but listening to this song, I can still remember that girl, that time of my life. It's incredible - it's like when you smell a perfume or scent that flashes you right back to a distant memory, like it we're yesterday. That's what this song did to me. I am so thankful for this song and where it's brought me today. It's no Dylan, but it means the world to me. I hope you can enjoy it, too, for all it's worth.