New collaboration cover with Hasit Nanda!

My Youtube collaborator/partner in crime, Hasit Nanda, and I are back at it!

This week he plays a beautiful piano rendition of Lana del Rey's 'High by the Beach' while I serenade. If you haven't heard of Hasit Nanda, you will. He is a piano prodigy in India and has gained celebrity and label recognition for his Youtube video covers. He's just ridiculous. 

Be sure to subscribe to his channel and my Youtube channel so we can take over the world sooner than later. Thank you for your eyes, ears and hearts for subscribing and watching our latest collab. We're super proud of it and love sharing our endeavors with all of you.

Fourfiveseconds Cover up on Youtube!

I performed this with my pal Dick Hess at our online show via Concertwindow. I do shows on there at least once a month so be sure to follow me here and catch the next one! Also, my goal for this year is to get 10k subscribers on Youtube so if you're not a subscriber yet, SUBSCRIBE HERE and help me reach my goal!