"Love me Like you do" Collaboration with Hasit Nanda!

This Friday instead of posting a cover or mashup, I will be posting a video in collaboration with the magical, Hasit Nanda, a prodigy piano player in India. We'll be performing "Love me like you do", Ellie Goulding's song written for the 50 Shades of Grey movie. We have collab-ed on a few other pop  and EDM hits you can watch here and here

How does one piano player in India link up with one singer songwriter in California you ask? WELL, I'll tell you! Christina Perri came out with a new song last year and I loved it so much I wanted to cover it right away. I looked like a house cleaner in the video -- not my best look, not thinking anything of it. Of course THIS is the video that a celebrity finally decides to Retweet on Twitter -- Christina Perri replied and retweeted my video and it got quite a lot of exposure. It was awesome and very gratifying! I still looked like a dump truck, though. That'll teach me not to half ass anything ;)

So, because of that, Hasit got wind of me and we connected and started collaborating right away. He's only 17 and he is just so freaking talented. We compliment each other well with our video, vibe and communication. I'm very excited to contribute a cover song for the 50 Shades of Grey movie -- Not that I read the book, but I just may go see the movie! Don't judge..

Anyway, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel and Hasit's youtube channel in the mean time and keep up to date with new video releases. My goal this year is to get 10,000 subscribers. Help me reach this goal and be sure to SUB! Last week I posted (yet another!) Christina Perri cover of her new ballad "The Words".